Autonomy for boats

transforming the waterways

for boats

transforming the waterways



Roboat offers add-on autonomy

for new-build and existing ships.

We have created autonomy systems for inland waterway vessels. Our system can turn vessels into complete autonomous boats, assists onboard crew with navigation and perception, offer remote monitoring capabilities, and playback detailed data as a black-box.

A situational awareness add-on for existing boats and newbuilds. Assist your crew with an extra pair of eyes. MATE can keep an eye on 360 degrees non-stop. Identify obstacles and other waterway users and get warned whenever you vessel is approaching danger.

A full autonomy add-on solution that takes control of your existing boats or newbuilds. SKIPPER takes control of the steering wheel and route planning. It safely navigates around obstacles and adheres to waterway regulations.

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One system
Many uses

The Roboat system offers a range of applications

boat in control

Autonomous Ferry

Electric & 3D-Printed vessel

Skipper Assistant

Safety System, Remote Operations, Black-Box

skipper in control


Autonomous Ferry

Electric & 3D-Printed vessel

Skipper Assistant

Safety System, Remote Operations, Black-Box


Rethink Transportation

Unlock new ways to utilize boats


Autonomous systems for ships offer safety benefits.
With advanced perception abilities, rule adhering navigation systems, and rapid reactions, they help reduce the risk of accidents.
Systems can take over control for incident prevention or warn the onboard or remote crew in dangerous situations.



Autonomous systems for ships offer efficiency and cost benefits.
They reduce labor needs, can operate 24/7, and reduce energy consumption.
Through increased efficiency, the operating costs for waterway transport vessels can be significantly reduced.



Autonomous systems for ships offer sustainability benefits.
Optimized routes can help with improving battery life or with reducing emissions from fuel consumption.
Electric autonomous vessels can be used for transportation in cities, offering a clean, silent, and efficient alternative to road traffic.



The versatility of autonomous ships enable exciting solutions.
Autonomy systems already offer versatility in their applications and have superhuman capabilities.
The usefulness of autonomy is expected to expand even more as technology advances, with many new and innovative applications yet to be realized.




We are a startup that is revolutionizing the way we use the inland waterways. Our goal is to transform the way boats operate on these waterways through the use of automation. By using advanced technologies, we are able to create boats that can perceive, navigate, communicate, and perform tasks on their own. This not only makes transportation more safe, efficient, and versatile, but it also has the potential to help reduce our impact on the environment.


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