Roboat starts collaborating with GVB to improve the safety on the Amsterdam IJ river by adding Roboat situational Awareness to the GVB ferries.

GVB Collab

Together with GVB we will explore how our technology can help improve the safety of the Amsterdam IJ River. Roboat provides an extra set of sensors to support the skippers with detecting surrounding objects and traffic.

Waterways have gotten more crowded and polluted, presenting more challenges for skippers. In the future, safety systems could alert skippers of hard to detect dangers.

For the project, we have already made a visual impression of what our system could eventually look like. In addition, an early prototype has already made some hours onboard a sailing ferry. In April, we will install the first version on one of the ships, so keep your eyes open when traveling with the IJ ferries, you might be able to spot us! 👀👀

Special thanks to City of AmsterdamPort of AmsterdamAMS Institute for supporting the project.